Feature Request: Comments for Shared Google Calendars

Google Calendar Conversations Suggestion

It would be great if I could comment on a shared calendar event directly in the calendar and have everyone who is in the shared calendar notified, like a discussion thread about the event. I am thinking about this primarily for private shared calendars as the list of people getting notified would be manageable but it could also be a setting to allow/deny this feature on public calendars and have the conversation tied to an event in Google+ .  This would be great for coordinating dates for events or communicating any changes or new details. Right now I am planning a trip with some friends this summer and we are trying to find a weekend that works. We have all put up our availability on a google calendar and now we are trying to decide which open weekend is going to be best. We have marked the weekends with events called “Possible Trip Weekend 1” and “Possible Trip Weekend 2” and it would be great if I could comment right on the event to discuss the merits of that particular date.  There are also times when I see new events pop up on my friends shared calendars and I would love to start a conversation about it, what better place than right in the calendar! Something like “Hey that looks like fun, can I come?” and the discussion can happen right there with email notifications about new messages.  This could also integrate with Google Talk and send the message to your conversation with those people!

Get after it Google!!

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