Exploring the Chicago Coworking Spaces

I am in the process of trying to find a creative place to call home for a couple days a week in Chicago. I have worked out of some coworking spaces in LA and I like the atmosphere of working around other people as a nice change of pace from working at home alone. Technori has a pretty comprehensive article on the available spaces in Chicago and I plan on exploring a few of them over the coming weeks, I will report on my findings.

The Coop Screenshot


The ones on their list that sparked my interest are:

  • The Coop – Great River North Location, Interesting Looking Space
  • Enerspace – Health Oriented, Easy Parking, City View, Gym and Shows on Premise
  • TechNexus – Tech Specific, In-House Incubators
  • 1871 – I have been there a couple times and its a nice space but not sure its worth the hassle of the application.

I will post reviews of each of the spaces as I make it around to them. Which is your favorite coworking spot in Chicago? Tweet me with your suggestions!

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