Design Resource: HTML 5 Cheat Sheets

I have been designing and developing websites for a while now but there are still some HTML 5 tags that I forget about and need to reference on occasion. I normally just hit up google or w3schools.com but sometimes its nice to have a physical referece on my desk when I have been our of practice for a couple weeks. Here are some of the more useful ones that I have found that will print out nicely.

HTML 5 Canvas Cheat Sheet by Jacob Seidelin


HTML 5 Visual Cheat Sheet (Normal Tags) by Antonio Lupetti


 Exhaustive 4 Page List from Smashing Magazine 


The HTML Help Sheet by GoSquared isn’t HTML 5 Specific but it is nicely structured.


Another Great Cheat Sheet is this one for RGB Color Codes from AddedBytes


MediaLoot Has a Nice Looking HTML 5 Browser Compatibility Chart, but I am not sure how often it is updated.

I will make sure to update this post as I find new resources.

Do you have any favorite web development cheat sheets? Post them in the comments!

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