Chrome Plugin

Click Here To Download the Chrome Extension!!

Hi there friends!  I have created a really simple Chrome Browser Plugin that will automatically help support this site. All you have to do is install the extension in your Chrome browser and you a good to go!  You will never have to think about it again and you will automatically be supporting this site as you shop on with absolutely NO cost to you.

WillCoffin.Com Extension Screenshot V0.2

This is an Alpha Version of the Extension, it works as intended but there may be a few bugs.

This extension also has the useful feature of automatically moving the focus of your keyboard input to the search box on the page so you can start searching as soon as the page loads!!

Installation Instructions:
  1. Download the Extension by Clicking HERE
  2. Go to your Downloads Folder and unzip the extension
  3. In Chrome, click the menu icon (Three Horizontal Grey Bars in the Top Right Corner) and navigate to Tools->Extensions
  4. Drag the unzipped .crx file into this window and click accept to install the plugin
  5. That’s it!  Thank you SOOO MUCH for your support!!!


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