Fastest WordPress Page In The World! (well… at least on this site)

The purpose of this page is to show what the performance of a fast WordPress powered site looks like.  Speedy and efficient WordPress sites are not always easy to achieve but the right techniques can pay dividends in page load times.  This page also serves as an outline of how you can benchmark your WordPress site and some metrics to compare against in the event you find that your site is slower than it should be.

My homepage loads quite a few external resources from Instagram, Pinterest, Pocket, and YouTube so the load speed for that page is dependent on the responses from 3rd party services and is not a good representation of the performance of my site’s technical infrastructure.  This page (the one you are reading) has none of that and simply has some text and optimized images to test caching, CDN, AMP, and other services.

The following is what I have found to be the ultimate balance of convenience and performance for a Fast WordPress powered site.

My Prefered Host

WPEngine (20% off new accounts)

  • Settings:
    • All Caching Enabled
    • CDN Enabled
    • All other WPEngine “Tricks” turned ON

My DNS Of Choice

Cloudflare (Free Account is Fine)

Important Plugins


Latest Results (As of 8/20/2018)


Screenshot of Test Results

GTmetrix Results 8-21-2018:

Screenshot of GTmetrix Page Speed Test Results for This Page 8-21-2018 Results 8-21-2018:

Screenshot of Page Speed Test Results for This Page 8-21-2018

Pingdom Test Results 8-21-2018:

Screenshot of Pingdom Page Speed Test Results for This Page 8-21-2018

W3 Validator Results 8-21-2018: