Selling Your Old Tech

Technology progresses fast, and if you are like me you spend a lot of money keeping up with it. Get some of that green back by passing your old technology on to a new owner. Here are a few ways to liquidate your unused technology.  Prices vary so much that a specific comparison is trivial, so I suggest shopping around to find the best deals.

Quick Cash – You won’t necessarily get top dollar but the process is painless:

Waiting Game – Typically higher sale price but more work involved:

Don’t forget the shipping cost when you are selling yourself, it can really cut into your profit if you under-estimate. You can use these tools to get close:

These sites tend to change often as new ones crop up and some fade away.  I typically lean towards the bigger players even if they are offering a few dollars less just for the piece of mind that there is a real company behind it.

Good luck!

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