Connect Differently : Collective Cables

I stumbled across these today on Touch of Modern (Sale Ends 12/10/2012) and I have to say its sounds strange to be excited a cable , but after seeing these, I truly am jonesing to get one into my bag.  It has to be the sailor/rock climber in me that loves the look and feel of some good spectra.  They aren’t cheap and there is no Lighting Connector option yet, but the XXL model ($22) shown above is the perfect length at 6 feet.  Dont worry, you are not missing anything here, they just charge/sync your (legacy) apple devices and feel/look good while doing it.

[alert color=”red”]These would be great stocking-stuffers for the Sailors in your life![/alert]

Collective Cables Zig Zag

Collective Cables Double Stripe

Collective Cables Divisional

Collective Cables Cross Stripe

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