OSX 10.8 Tip : Always Show Scroll Bar

One thing I found annoying about the OSX 10.8 default settings is how it hides the scroll bars when you are not scrolling in a webpage or finder window (actually should be persistent across all apps). I find the scroll bar to be a useful reference for how far down a list I am or how close to the bottom of a web page I am getting.  While this may not be as pretty aesthetically as having them disappear,  this feature also gets in the way in the Finder when you are trying to select multiple items and you try and select the last item in the window which is a constant annoyance for me. You can quickly fix this and revert the scroll bars to being persistent by going to “System Preferences -> General” and selecting the “Show Scroll Bars: Always” Setting.   I hope this helps those who were  similarly annoyed by this change in behavior!  Have another OSX tip? Share it in the comments!

Always Show Scroll Bar OSX 10.8

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