Great Deals on Flights! As long as you don’t care where you go.

I recently stumbled across a travel startup called “GetGoing” thanks to my RSS feeds on Pulse and decided to see what it was all about. The site promises big savings on flights if you are willing to be flexible on where you travel Purchase Page


While this is not at all practical for business or family visits, its an interesting idea for vacation travel and it seems to offer some pretty significant discounts. The one caveat: YOU DONT GET TO CHOOSE WHERE YOU ARE GOING. You get to select the travel dates and they will provide you with a list of cities with the best deals for those dates. You can then add additional cities to the list and then you have to choose two options from the list. You then put in your credit card information and once you hit submit, GetGoing will tell you where you will be traveling next, it’s a perceived 50/50 chance between the two destinations when you submit your payment details and once you initial the terms of service and click the green button there is no turning back. They call this their “Pick Two, Get One™ platform”  and it feels kind of like Priceline for flights, only with Priceline you know what zip code you will be staying in that night and whether you will need a bathing suit or a parka. Purchase Button


The prices really do seem to be favorable though, in a quick comparison between and Google Flights there was over a $70 gap in the starting price for trips to Miami(FLL) and almost $100 for trips to San Francisco (SFO) originating from ORD. I am tempted to pick a free weekend and see where I end up, then head over to Airbnb and find a place to stay for the duration. While this site wont compete with Kayak, it could be an exciting adventure!! How It Works

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