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Holiday 2012 Picture

2012 Holiday Gift Ideas

While this list may have been a little late for Black Friday specials, if you are like me than you have just started thinking about your Christmas gifts.  Here are a few of my top pics to buy any time of the year, so why not get them for your friends and loved ones this […]

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Screenshot of iPhone Adding Pause or Wait

Adding Extensions to iOS Contacts

A not-so-hidden feature in iOS is the ability to add extensions to phone numbers (most relevant for business) that will be auto dialed after the call is picked up.  When entering the number into the contacts information, hit the “+*#” button in the lower left of the dial pad and you will have an option […]

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Selling Old Tech

Selling Your Old Tech

Technology progresses fast, and if you are like me you spend a lot of money keeping up with it. Get some of that green back by passing your old technology on to a new owner. Here are a few ways to liquidate your unused technology.  Prices vary so much that a specific comparison is trivial, […]

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