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This is where I will post quick notes and thoughts that wouldn’t necessarily merit full length articles.

Tim Ferris Habits YouTube Screenshot

Adopting New Habits : Tim Ferris

I am a big fan of Tim Ferriss, he embodies a curiosity for life, personal productivity, health, and “hacking” that I identify strongly with. His growing catalog of life hacking books, The 4 Hour Workweek (Paper/Kindle), The 4 Hour Body (Paper/Kindle), and  The 4 Hour Chef (Paper/Kindle) are all great reads and I strongly suggest you work […]

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GMail “Send & Archive” Button

The new (or at least new to me) “Send & Archive” feature in gmail Labs is one of those little things that makes a huge difference. Just removing an extra mouse click out of the process really does make answering emails that much more rewarding.  And if you have your filters setup it is all […]

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