Google Maps for iOS in App Store – Has Sanity Been Restored?

Google Maps is “finally” back in the iOS App Store for you navigational pleasure with the added feature of Turn-By-Turn voice guided navigation. Does this mean that we can all rest easy knowing that the popularly preferred maps and navigation choice has been restored to our iPhones?  Yes and No. There are some caveats, most importantly the fact that address links will still open in Apple Maps, but since Google Maps is signed into your google account you can pull up your most  recent online searches directly on your phone (a killer feature if you ask me). And I would expect a Chrome for iOS update to automatically push all address links to the Google Maps app if you have it installed, which is my preferred browser anyway.

Update: Google also needs to update Google Maps in the mobile browser to send navigation to the native app.

Search for something on Google Maps in a Browser (Must be signed in).

And it shows up almost instantly!

Google Maps iOS History University of Miami

I think this is a pretty unique Google-y feature that there is really  no way for apple to recreate.  Turn by turn performance is yet to be seen but I would imagine it would be on par with its offering for Android, which is a solid option.

If you didn’t stop reading after the headline and got straight to your phone you can : Grab it from the iTunes App Store Now!

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