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I couldn’t honestly call this NEWS, so its is for commentary on recent products and events.

LG 4k and 5K Displays with USB-C for Apple Laptops Feature Comparison Image. LG 22MD4KA-B.AUSA and LG 27MD5KA-B.AUSA

LG Fills the Thunderbolt Display Void

At Apple’s “Special Event” today (October 27th 2016) they coyly announced new monitors from LG which mark the end of the Thunderbolt Display and open the floodgates for 3rd parties to create monitors with a single-cable for video, data, and power compatible with Apple’s latest crop of USB-C enabled laptops. Two new monitors from LG 21.5″ […]

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Commentary: No Warrant Required for Phone Location Records, Court Rules

I was intrigued enough by this article in the WSJ that I thought I would publicly examine my feelings about the implications. The story is about a recent Cincinnati-based federal appeals court decision in which they deemed that federal agents can obtain cellphone records that reveal a caller’s location without a warrant. “Cell-site data—like mailing addresses, phone numbers, […]

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Amazon Dash - How It Works

Amazon Dash – The Future of Shopping?

One click and more will be on your doorstep in 2 days! I have to admit when I first saw the “Dash Button” on I got pretty excited. I haven’t seen a potentially transformative application of technology for advertising like this in quite some time.  It just makes sense.  The technology has come along […]

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The New Kinect for Xbox One: 3D Scanning and Big Brother

  People are getting pretty excited over the new Kinect Sensor for the recently announced Xbox One. A significant upgrade to the specs, most notably HD sensor and more accurate 3D detection, make it an even more powerful tool for people looking to harness what is happening realtime in 3D space.  The more I read […]

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Great Deals on Flights! As long as you don’t care where you go.

I recently stumbled across a travel startup called “GetGoing” thanks to my RSS feeds on Pulse and decided to see what it was all about. The site promises big savings on flights if you are willing to be flexible on where you travel to.   While this is not at all practical for business or family visits, […]

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2014 Corvette Grey Quarter

Cars: 2014 Corvette Stingray Preview

As an automotive enthusiast I can’t help but get all lustful for the new 2014 Corvette Stingray. While actual features and pricing have not been announced, the look alone deserves some attention. This is a beautiful car! I put together a side-by-side with the 2012 TopGear “Supercar of the Year” Winner Ferrari F12berlinetta and you […]

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Google Maps iOS Screenshot

Google Maps for iOS in App Store – Has Sanity Been Restored?

Google Maps is “finally” back in the iOS App Store for you navigational pleasure with the added feature of Turn-By-Turn voice guided navigation. Does this mean that we can all rest easy knowing that the popularly preferred maps and navigation choice has been restored to our iPhones?  Yes and No. There are some caveats, most importantly […]

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Apple Fusion Drive Option Screenshot

Apple’s Fusion Drive – I want it!

The reviews are out on the latest Apple hardware (iMac’s and Mac Mini) and one feature they are touting as a nice addition is Apple’s Fusion Drive Technology.  What Fusion Drive does is combine the benefits off SSD’s with the capacity of a standard spinning harddrives at a price that meets them somewhere in the middle. […]

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