Custom YouTube Embeds

Google provides some hidden settings for customizing your YouTube videos, you can see the full documentation here.  The following is a quick overview of the most relevant settings.

URL formatting:  Google’s preferred method of embedding videos is now iframes opposed to the oEmbed code, so the formatting for your settings will look like this:

  • Google’s Provided Embed URL” + “?” + “setting name” + “=” + “setting value
  • To add additional settings add: “&” + “setting name” + “=” + “setting value”   (Keep Repeating this for additional settings).
  • So a full link looks like this: “
  • This will start the video at “0” seconds and end it at “707” seconds.

Set Start Time:

  • setting name = “start”
  • setting value = “starting time in seconds”
  • start=105”  will start the video at 1:45

Set End Time:

  • setting name = “end”
  • setting value = “ending time in seconds”
  • end=243”  will end the video at 4:03

Remove YouTube Branding:

  • modestbranding=1” will remove the YouTube Logo from your embedded video.

Turn On Autoplay:

  • autoplay=1” will cause the video to autoplay when the player loads

Loop the Video:

  • loop=1” will cause the video to continuously loop

Turn Off Related Videos :

  • rel=0” will turn off related videos at the end of the video

Hide Video Title & Info Bar:

  • showinfo=0” will hide the video title bar, this makes for a cleaner look but can be confusing if you have multiple videos on a page

 Theme Color:

  • theme=light” will change the player theme to a lighter palette.

Here is an example:


Here is the result:

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