Design Resource: HTML 5 Cheat Sheets

I have been designing and developing websites for a while now but there are still some HTML 5 tags that I forget about and need to reference on occasion. I normally just hit up google or but sometimes its nice to have a physical referece on my desk when I have been our of practice for a couple weeks. Here are some of the more useful ones that I have found that will print out nicely.

HTML 5 Canvas Cheat Sheet by Jacob Seidelin

HTML5 Canvas Cheet Sheet Preview Image


HTML 5 Visual Cheat Sheet (Normal Tags) by Antonio Lupetti

HTML 5 Visual Cheat Sheet Preview


 Exhaustive 4 Page List from Smashing Magazine 

HTML 5 Cheat Sheet Exhaustive Preview


The HTML Help Sheet by GoSquared isn’t HTML 5 Specific but it is nicely structured.

HTML Help Sheet Preview


Another Great Cheat Sheet is this one for RGB Color Codes from AddedBytes

RGB Hex Color Codes Cheat Sheet Preview


MediaLoot Has a Nice Looking HTML 5 Browser Compatibility Chart, but I am not sure how often it is updated.

I will make sure to update this post as I find new resources.

Do you have any favorite web development cheat sheets? Post them in the comments!

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