DJI Phantom 3 Announced!


Phantom 3 Pro and Phantom 3 Advanced

DJI has just had their live streaming event to announce the Phatom 3.  This is a product that I am very excited about as a current Phantom 2 Vision+ owner.

Here is the rundown:

  • 2 Models – “Pro” for $1259 and “Advanced” for $999
  • 4K camera upgrade “Pro” (1080p Model “Advanced”)
  • In-camera/lens dewarping (footage comes out of the camera with a straight horizon)
  • Vision Positioning System for flying indoors or close to the ground
  • Lightbridge built-in (similar to Inspire 1) for live 720p Streaming
  • DJI Pilot App support with refined interface
  • More Powerful/Efficient Motors
  • Up to 23 minutes of flight time
  • Improved GPS Receiver (more accurate and faster lock)
  • YouTube livestream support
  • “Director” automated video editing system
    • Flag moments while flying
    • Director automatically creates montage with music
    • Share to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and youku
  • Flight simulator in Pilot App

Other announcements include an education program and expansion of their SDK program. They also hinted that the SDK could be used to create “follow me” apps.  It loooks like they took alot of what they developed for the Inspire 1 and crammed it into the Phantom body, that sounds pretty good to me!

The official page should end up here:

I am sure the official page will go up in moments but here is a gallery of some screenshots from the presentation:


Here is the full announcement video:


Link to youtube page if the embed fails: DJI Phantom 3 Announcement Video

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