Google Docs Voice Typing First Impressions

Google released a new feature for Docs yesterday (2/24/2016) that allows you to use your voice to type. This is not a new concept and we have been able to do this on our phones for quite some time now, but bringing this functionality to the desktop makes it a really interesting productivity tool.   The biggest challenge when using voice dictation on any platform is going back to edit your content, this is especially difficult on mobile devices and for me has kept the functional use case limited to dictating text messages while driving or making quick notes while out and about. Having a mouse and keyboard at the ready when using voice dictation means that you can very quickly clean up any mistakes and keep going forward, useful when you are capturing stream of consciousness or just trying to have a creative writing session.  Definitely worth playing with if you are a google docs user.


Links from video:

Voice Typing Commands

Feature Announcement

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