LG Fills the Thunderbolt Display Void

LG 4k and 5K Displays with USB-C for Apple Laptops Feature Comparison Image. LG 22MD4KA-B.AUSA and LG 27MD5KA-B.AUSA

At Apple’s “Special Event” today (October 27th 2016) they coyly announced new monitors from LG which mark the end of the Thunderbolt Display and open the floodgates for 3rd parties to create monitors with a single-cable for video, data, and power compatible with Apple’s latest crop of USB-C enabled laptops.

Two new monitors from LG

21.5″ LG UltraFine 4K Display ($699.95) – Available to ship in 5-6 weeks. (Model: 22MD4KA-B.AUSA   UPC: 719192606982)

27″ LG UltraFine 5K Display ($1299.95) – Available December. (Model: 27MD5KA-B.AUSA  UPC: 719192606975)

These two monitors are very different (As you can see in the comparison graphic at the top of this page) and they are targeted towards to very different users.  The 4K model supports 60W of charging power and USB 2.0 speeds which points it straight towards the consumer/student market and those with the latest MacBook’s and upcoming 13-inch MacBook Pro’s.  The 5K model not only has some additional screen real estate, it supports 85W of charging power, USB 3.1 speeds, and even throws in a Webcam for good measure.  This puts the 27″ display squarely in the professional/prosumer space and for those looking to upgrade to the upcoming 15-inch MacBook Pro’s with the dedicated graphics that can support the 5K resolution.

Opening Up The Ecosystem

What is most interesting to me about this (un)announcement is that by embracing USB-C, it seems like apple is easing its grip on the accessory market.  This could encourage 3rd parties go to town making compatible devices without the licensing fees apple usually gouges out from those who want to play in its ecosystem.  The result of this will only be seen with time, will cheap Chinese manufactures flood the market with sub-par parts or will it encourage top players to try their hand?  All I can say definitively is that USB-C is clearly the future and we all may as well jump on board!

4K Video Editing Gets Easier

The latest 2016 MacBook Pro (15″) + LG 5K Display might be the video editing setup to beat in 2017!  (Make sure you shop using my Amazon.com link to help me get a little bit closer to that dream!)  Add a Sit-Stand Desk MountAeron Chair and a Drobo 5C with 18TB worth of redundant storage (5x5TB HDDs) and your 4K editing workflow should be as smooth as butter (mmmm butter…).

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