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LG 4k and 5K Displays with USB-C for Apple Laptops Feature Comparison Image. LG 22MD4KA-B.AUSA and LG 27MD5KA-B.AUSA

LG Fills the Thunderbolt Display Void

At Apple’s “Special Event” today (October 27th 2016) they coylyΒ announced new monitors from LG which mark the end of the Thunderbolt Display and open the floodgates for 3rd parties to create monitors with a single-cable for video, data, and power compatible with Apple’s latest crop of USB-C enabled laptops. Two new monitors from LG 21.5″ […]

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Apple Fusion Drive Option Screenshot

Apple’s Fusion Drive – I want it!

The reviews are out on the latest Apple hardware (iMac’s and Mac Mini) and one feature they are touting as a nice addition is Apple’s Fusion Drive Technology. Β What Fusion Drive does is combine theΒ benefits off SSD’s with the capacity of a standard spinning harddrives at a price that meets them somewhere in the middle. […]

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