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What Would the iPad Mini's Screen Look Like?

Do We Need an iPad Mini?

I need to start this off by saying that everything that follows is pure speculation based on Apple’s history and the rumors about the device. The Concept: If apple were to release a 7 inch tablet (or 7 and change) at a price sub $300, it goes without saying that it would sell like crazy. […]

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GMail “Send & Archive” Button

The new (or at least new to me) “Send & Archive” feature in gmail Labs is one of those little things that makes a huge difference. Just removing an extra mouse click out of the process really does make answering emails that much more rewarding.  And if you have your filters setup it is all […]

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Selling Old Tech

Selling Your Old Tech

Technology progresses fast, and if you are like me you spend a lot of money keeping up with it. Get some of that green back by passing your old technology on to a new owner. Here are a few ways to liquidate your unused technology.  Prices vary so much that a specific comparison is trivial, […]

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