My Time With Tidal HIFI

Today I cancelled my Tidal HIFI subscription, it was a decision rooted mostly in frugality and simplicity.  I still have a Spotify and my recently added Apple Music subscription between which I am currently struggling to find a clear winner.  There was nothing “bad” or “wrong” with Tidal,  their premium “HIFI” option sounds great and […]

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Phantom 3 Pro and Phantom 3 Advanced

DJI Phantom 3 Announced!

  DJI has just had their live streaming event to announce the Phatom 3.  This is a product that I am very excited about as a current Phantom 2 Vision+ owner. Here is the rundown: 2 Models – “Pro” for $1259 and “Advanced” for $999 4K camera upgrade “Pro” (1080p Model “Advanced”) In-camera/lens dewarping (footage […]

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Amazon Dash - How It Works

Amazon Dash – The Future of Shopping?

One click and more will be on your doorstep in 2 days! I have to admit when I first saw the “Dash Button” on Amazon.com I got pretty excited. I haven’t seen a potentially transformative application of technology for advertising like this in quite some time.  It just makes sense.  The technology has come along […]

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Understanding Website Load Speeds : Waterfall Charts

Understanding Website Load Speeds : Waterfall Charts

Google has put up a really useful video on their developer portal explaining how to properly use waterfall charts to understand page load times and how to use them to optimize your website. Anyone developing websites should understand how to utilize this powerful tool. The Original Post: https://developers.google.com/live/shows/779042419 Testing Tool: http://www.webpagetest.org/  

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The New Kinect for Xbox One: 3D Scanning and Big Brother

  People are getting pretty excited over the new Kinect Sensor for the recently announced Xbox One. A significant upgrade to the specs, most notably HD sensor and more accurate 3D detection, make it an even more powerful tool for people looking to harness what is happening realtime in 3D space.  The more I read […]

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GetGoing.com Trip Selection

Great Deals on Flights! As long as you don’t care where you go.

I recently stumbled across a travel startup called “GetGoing” thanks to my RSS feeds on Pulse and decided to see what it was all about. The site promises big savings on flights if you are willing to be flexible on where you travel to.   While this is not at all practical for business or family visits, […]

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