Embedded Social Buttons Cheat Sheet


I just went through the process of adding follow buttons for my social media accounts to my website (WillCoffin.com) and thought it would be useful to compile a list of all of the resources I used.  They are not the prettiest all lined up next to each other, but it works for now until I have more time to mess around with the CSS or create my own versions.

Spotify: Spotify Follow Button Generator

Tip: You need to launch the Spotify app (not web player) to get the URI

Twitter: Twitter Button Generator

Tip: change data-show-count=”false” to data-show-count=”true” to display follower count

Linkedin: Linkedin Member Profile Plugin Generator

Tip: your public profile must be “visible to everyone” for the widget to work properly

Facebook: Facebook Follow Button Generator

Follow Will Coffin

Pinterest: Pinterest Widget Builder

These are really the only ones I care about right now, if something else pops up I will do my best to update this list.

Good luck!


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