Commentary: No Warrant Required for Phone Location Records, Court Rules

I was intrigued enough by this article in the WSJ that I thought I would publicly examine my feelings about the implications. The story is about a recent Cincinnati-based federal appeals court decision in which they deemed that federal agents can obtain cellphone records that reveal a caller’s location without a warrant. “Cell-site data—like mailing addresses, phone numbers, […]

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Embedded Social Buttons Cheat Sheet

I just went through the process of adding follow buttons for my social media accounts to my website (WillCoffin.com) and thought it would be useful to compile a list of all of the resources I used.  They are not the prettiest all lined up next to each other, but it works for now until I […]

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My Time With Tidal HIFI

Today I cancelled my Tidal HIFI subscription, it was a decision rooted mostly in frugality and simplicity.  I still have a Spotify and my recently added Apple Music subscription between which I am currently struggling to find a clear winner.  There was nothing “bad” or “wrong” with Tidal,  their premium “HIFI” option sounds great and […]

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